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​yoga in saugatuck

​​​​​​​​​YOGA BASICS - 6 Week Beginner Series 

with Teresa Van Eyk ERYT500

Thursdays:: 7:00pm - 8:00pm 


$69 for 6 Weeks and receive 20% off your first class pass

Explore the foundations of yoga practice in our upcoming beginner series. Learn yoga poses, common modifications, correct alignment, and breathing.  Create healthier habits and find support among like minded community as you practice in a welcoming and nurturing environment. 



Satya Yoga is an inclusive community of teachers and students located in Saugatuck, MI. We offer breath centered yoga classes for beginners and more advanced students, yoga immersions and training programs. 

Walk ins are welcome and we have mats and props for your use at no added charge. Pricing options include; single class walk ins, non-expiring class passes, and membership options starting as low as $59 a month. 

When practicing with us you'll find our teachers are highly trained, welcoming, and diverse. Modifications are given to help meet your individual needs. Even in our most challenging and vigorous classes you can expect mindful breath centered yoga delivered with safe and intelligent sequencing. 

Our group yoga classes help you connect to your body in a healthy way. You can expect to see positive changes to your health and physical body and because of our breath centered approach to yoga you will also cultivate a mind that is more focused, more joyful, and less stressed along the way. Sign up today or walk ins are always welcome!

Online scheduling
Online scheduling

QIGONG with Kat Van Hammen

Mondays 6:00 - 7:00pm

​Are you interested in Meditation but have a hard time sitting? Do you feel like your nervous system is wound too tight? Do you have muscle or joint pain? Would you like to learn more about how to tap into and build your Life Force Energy. Qiqong can help! Qigong exercises have been developed over more than a thousand years in China along with acupuncture and herbal medicine. These simple exercises repeated over time can help one become more focused, increase vitality and reduce pain.
As westerners we tend to focus on moving through the world in a muscular way. We look at the world mostly with the lens of the physical and material. The east gives us the gift of understanding the more subtle fields of life. In yoga we study life force energy called Prana. In Chinese Medicine it is known as Chi or Qi. Qigong is the experiential study of that energy that is available to all of us. It opens up great potential and helps us to move through the world with less effort and stress.